A Nice Towel

The heavy travel clearly is making me think about one of my greatest joys in my own personal life – hygiene.  I could go on and on about hotel soap, toilet paper, showers and a million more thing but now I want to focus on a topic that is still a journey in the making.  A nice towel.

Well first off, what do I think makes up a nice towel –

  1. Size – I do not want a towel that a child could use.  It needs to at least be in the same zip code of a beach towel.  Length is as always the key instrument.
  2. Absorption – This is not based on thickness but based on thickness and material as your average thick JcPenny towel has 0 absorption as the material is cheap and synthetic.
  3. Color – White.  No question.
  4. Pattern – None wanted but I can tolerate a simple line groove along a side.

When you look at this list of demands it seems really simple but the key is the absorption.  Too many times towels feel like a Kleenex with them on the verge of tearing or simply disintegrating or like a Sham-Wow and you are just pushing the water from one spot to the next.  The only towels I have found that really match up to these standards are the ones sold by Waterworks but the problem is that they are quite expensive and they are heavy as all hell to the point that I have a special hook for mine.  The other tough part is that I have used my Waterworks towels into the ground and they need to be replaced and just buying the same ones seem a little overkill based on what I should be spending on towels….and god knows I don’t want my kids to want these while they are under my roof.

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3 Responses to A Nice Towel

  1. Captbewil says:

    Size – It has to wrap around at least 1 and a half times.

    Length – Can be no shorter then tight length

    Absorption – Never had an issue with that, sorry

    Color – Dark Navy Blue

    Now in saying that I will tell you the best towels I have ever encountered are the towels sold by Wal-Mart. Very, very cheap, but yet manage to meet all the general requirements needed to be a great towel.

  2. martineden says:

    Never an issue with absorption? That seems to be the key ingredient to me always in a towel. It has to be a good mixture of softness x absorption.

    The color for me has to be white. Like a hotel.

  3. Captbewil says:

    I meant, I personally have never had an issue with absorption, as my towels always get the job done 😉

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