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As I have said to anyone within shouting distance….movies are just simple entertainment and not art.  Art is not for the lazy and movies are about as lazy as you can get.  Movie critics are the apex of that laziness (Hello Michael Phillips) as well.  Books are art.  Writers are artists as they slave away with an idea from the beginning and create and transform it….solo.  Not the “collaboration” that is a movie.  A writer is like a parent who raises that child from thought to full fledged adult reality.  Movies represent multiple opinions and generally create messes, kinda like politics.

Ok, that rant is at least on the back burner for now so I can offer some simple comments about a few recently viewed movies –

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox – This is indeed a fun one and really brought me back to the book as a kid as I dug Mr. Fox.  The voices were great and the stop motion was appreciated not only by myself but by my kids (3 & 5).  I think it offered them a fresh viewing experience that was nice.
  • Avatar – Cannot stand Jimmy-Boy in general (ugh, Terminator 2, Titanic) but nice job in every sense of the word.  Caught it twice and really liked the 3D side of it (normally not my thing).  I have to say I am excited to see this on Blu-Ray already.
  • The Princess & The Frog – Well I do have a house full of women so this was highlighted about 1 year ago on the must-do list.  It was worth it.  Nice to see a new princess story (god knows I am tired of the other ones right now) and it brought me back to some of the earlier edgier (read funny) Disney stuff like Lady & The Tramp and Robin Hood.  Not as safe as the more recent ones and I liked it.
  • The Hangover (Rented) – Well, not bad but not my thing.
  • Ice Age: The Meltdown (Rented) – This was a typical kids movie but I have to admit I liked it a little more just based on hearing Mr. Leary’s voice.
  • Dumbo (Rented) – I had never seen this before  for some odd reason but it was cool.  Not as touching as expected but still cute.  Fuck those old hen elephants too by the way.
  • Four Christmases – Nothing horrific but nothing special either.  Better than it could have been based on Vaughn’s casual delivery and the fact that I am oddly attracted to Reese Witherspoon now days….strange indeed.
  • Inglorious Bastards – Mr. Tarantino makes every point to me about why movies are not art as they are just mirror images of each other in general.  I went into this hoping I would like it with a clean mind due to my love for WWII and all things 1939-1945.  The opening was pretty slick but this movie went downhill every 5 minutes till it finally ended with a gentle whimper after an inglorious 152 minutes.  Would not see this again for sure and it had nothing to do with his re-imagining of the how the war ended.

Hey 8 new (to me) movies in a 3 week period is pretty impressive based on my life.  Not a total waste of time but no where near the pay off that I got on the same books read over that time period but more on that soon.

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