Your Rights….My Tip

Look if I get in your taxi I know and support the fact that it is your right to listen to what you want.  Just like it is your right to have your car smell like shit or be a trash dump on wheels if you like it.  Personally if you want to smoke I don’t care either.  But…….you better know the implications.  Today’s ride to the airport forced me to take action and even think of a scale for future reference.

  • New Age Jazz – I think you are a fucking idiot but I will give the benefit of the doubt that you do not like this horseshit but instead have chosen a type of “music” that will not offend.  FULL TIP
  • NPR – Good call.  If I had to be in a car all day I would go fucking nuts if I had to listen what passes for music 85% of the time so NPR seems like a solid choice.  FULL TIP
  • CD/Music Of Your Choice – This can work well and can also backfire.  I would highly suggest asking your patron if they are cool with the current music.  Even if they are too spineless to give a clear answer (You know who you are you spineless non-definitive answering fucks…fuck you) you gave them a chance.  If you ask…FULL TIP / If you do not ask…75%
  • Sports Radio – I think this is a safe choice as well.  FULL TIP
  • Political Radio – You better ask is all I can say.  Today I had to listen to 40 minutes of Rush Limbaugh.  40 fucking minutes.  Was the KKK/Nazi signal not strong enough so you had to tune to this pill popping mega hate fuck!  25%

Some of you might say that I should not allow my own political leanings impact a working person’s income and I can see that argument.  However, if I am trying to talk to a client I generally I keep my politics and religion to myself.  And if I chose to pass on my thoughts I better know full well that it can impact my  pocketbook as this is the real world.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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