And The Winner Is……

Ok this is what it is after 3 recounts and a hand by hand review.  So many folks were right on track right up until they decided to split up the Best Director/Movie picks…..Avatar screwed many (And so did some folks who seemed to love Inglorious Basterds!).

  1. JM – 58
  2. Mr. B – 57 (Yes, Mr. B is a California Dog)
  3. Lindsay – 56
  4. Sara B. & Erik J. – 53 (Erik you were right there until Avatar at the very end!)
  5. Paula – 52
  6. Quinn – 51 (Yes, the dog and child beat Mom & Dad)
  7. Matt P. & Eric C. & Juli P. – 50
  8. Rachel – 48
  9. Ann F. – 47 (Your love of Inglorious Basterds will need to be explained!)
  10. Dave. H – 43 (3 Years in a row you have left one category blank, consistency is excellent!)
  11. Bob – 39 (Not even close to a low score this year)
  12. Rhea/Olivia/Norah M. – 38 (3 heads is not better than 1)
  13. Candice – 37
  14. John R. – 26
  15. Erin J. – 22
  16. Tony – 19
  17. Emery/Jack – 16
  18. Mae – 16
  19. Liam – 6

So I apologize as it appears this dog and I continue to use this opportunity once a year to get back at each other and this year I was able to be victorious!  I would like to think that it is at least a victory all humanity can bask in but maybe not so much.

Interestingly enough, the West Coast Family of Matt, Ann, Quinn and Mr. B. averaged 51.25 while the Marlovits family averaged 50.66.  I think it is almost time for a Family Feud style contest…Survey Says!  The prize money for 2010 is broken down as follows (21 entries + 1 free entry = $105.00 total)

  • 1st Prize – $90.00
  • 2nd Prize – $15.00

Sir Liam also has free entry into next year’s contest and may want to get some outside help in 2011 which I believe is what Mr. Batzold did this year to get such marked improvement!

Next year I will get this out sooner and I think will have a new way to post live results for everyone at the same time  which would be nice for once.  We also WILL be having a full on Oscar party next year as well so get your gowns and tuxedo’s ready.  Thanks again for everyone who participated and please try to send in the money  when you can (The West Coast owes $5.00 in total due to Mr. B’s ongoing magnificence).

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