23 Hours

15 Hours – Flight To Shanghai
7 Hours – Layover in Shanghai
2 Hours – Flight to Shenzhen
1 Hour – Drive To Hotel

23 Total Hours Of Travel

This is how I spent my Memorial Day weekend, how about you?  Want to know the breakdown of those 23 hours based on entertainment choices?  Maybe not but I sure had fun with it.

  • 10.5 hours – Dr. Who (BBC) Season 1, 14 episodes, 45 minutes per episode

    • I watched all 14 episodes of this show from the re-launch that debuted in 2005.  This is beyond brilliant and I cannot believe I am late to this party.  It’s not about the affects, which can be a bit cheesy at times, but the stories are well written and the acting is perfectly suited for Dr. Who.  I am in total love with this show and have already started to download the rest of the seasons and specials.  I cannot imagine this show without Christopher Eccleston but my love for Billie Piper will remain strong.
  • 3 Hours – Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

    • My favorite of the three by a fairly wide margin.  Great battles (Minus that stupid skateboarding elf scene) and nice to see Aragorn with some balls unlike the 3rd one.
  • 4 Hours – Solar by Ian McEwan

    • Another great novel by a man who can just flat out write characters and great internal dialogue.  Not as good as Saturday but really insightful and enjoyable.  I can always count on Mr. McEwan it seems.
  • 1.5 Hours – Wanted

    • I like everything about this movie in general as it delivers to me on what an action movie should be.  I also dig Timur Bekmanmbetov (as a writer) and James McAvoy as well.  Not sure how Wanted 2 will be but I liked the first.
  • 2 Hours – Arrested Development

    • Have to love the on demand TV shows on American and man do I miss Arrested Development.  This was a great, great freaking show and it is too bad no one picked it up but I was able to watch 6 episodes from Season 1.
  • 1 Hour – The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman

    • I had read Northern Lights in my youth and really enjoyed it but never got around to reading the whole series which I am doing now.  You just have to love how much this guy hates organized religion and C.S. Lewis all in one.  I intend to finish this while I am here and start the 3rd book in his Dark Materials Trilogy (The Amber Spyglass).
  • 1 Hour – Michael Jackson – Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour

    • Have to love the fact that my driver installed a DVD player in the car and wanted to show it off by playing me some live Jacko.  He might have been nuts in many, many ways but the MF was a performer through and through.  Nice way to finish off the 23 hours of travelling entertainment.

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