A Single Certainty

The other night my wife and I caught Meet Joe Black on HBO (Mainly due to the fact that we have caught up with fall/winter DVR backlog) and it made me think.  This was my second time seeing it and my overall thoughts are still the same – average and slow.  Not really like or dislike.

The thinking was brought on by the simple line – “2 certainties in life, death and taxes”.  God knows we have all heard this saying a million times and it made me think as The Big Fraud has avoided the taxes part many times and it made me really think if their are any real certainties other than death.  So does that mean that it is possible to cheat everything but death?  Can you just put on a happy face, claim no evil intent and donate others money to the church and cheat heaven?

And that made me think of all things The Big Fraud cheated including business associates, employees, kids (Ouch on that one), hotels, department stores, lawyers, factories, customers, church and even the IRS and not pay a consequence?  And I guess the simple answer is no in my book.  Once death gets you all the flim flam and good-intentions will not matter one bit.  Maybe you can cheat your way through the first 80-100 years and that is all well and good but I am guessing that the eternal payment has a heck of a lot more interest involved.

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