Cleaner Vegas

Just got back from Vegas last night around midnight with the weefe and I have to say that I am not wrecked.  The old days of Vegas are now replaced with a cleaner and simpler existence.  No gambling was done in any casino what so ever and the only gambling done was a simple $20 throw into a Wheel of Fortune machine at the airport that was 85% boredom.  Enjoyed some nice meals, some nice shopping (More on my new polo style later) and an overall relaxing trip.

And the residence was the best so far…Trump.  That man might be a buffoon in every way but he does know hotels.  No casino = no foot traffic and almost 0 douchebages!  Short taxi lines and a jacuzzi tub overlooking the strip were more than an added bonus.  Best room in Vegas in my opinion and that includes the Four Seasons and THE hotel.  The only other that was close was the Wynn but I will take the quiet existence at the Trump any day with a huge smile.  And the fact that it kept me away from the d-bag Affliction crowd was a serious plus.

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