Polo Time

I have been an always will be a sucker for a polo shirt.  Now mind you I don’t wear Ralph Lauren shit in any case as I have a certain phobia’s that preclude me from wearing any red/white/blue nuttiness in general. When I mean polo I mean the traditional polo style shirt, full on preppy.  Give me a crisp pair of 501’s, a Sperry Topsider and a Lacoste and I am a happy, happy man.

Now people who have known me the last 10 years know my affection for Lacoste and even those that know me for 1 week would get the picture as I would estimate that I wear a traditional Lacoste Polo 4 days a week.  I currently own 18 of them (Long & Short sleeved) and that is on the low side as I have trashed some over this year (New baby) and have yet to replace those colors.  These are durable, wash great and have a little tailoring feel to them as well.  The fact that not everyone wears them as well is a nice plus as well.  I now also own one of the new “Oversized Croc” polo’s as well and intend to expand on this collection int he near future.

However, sometimes you need to freshen it up and I have been searching for an alternate polo for years with very little results.  Sure, I wear an Ecko polo now and then but it does not match up to the quality of my Lacoste.  I have tried Ben Sherman and Penguin but they just fall flat to me.

Now though I might have found a challenger in Shaghai Tang.  True they are expensive as hell (More than Lacoste) but I have to admit I love the colors and the mandarin collar which is a subtle but refreshing option.  I am not sure if the Shanghai Tang Polo is a true polo due to the color and also the fact that it gets really close to being a rugby but I love it regardless.  They also sell women’s and kids clothing along with housewares so it is a fun site to check out.  The fact that they also have a shop nearby to me in China is a nice added option as well…and god I hope a little cheaper!  I picked up the one below for reference so far.

The new "Oversized Croc" Polo. I love this to death and intend to get at least 4 of the 8 colors

Shanghai Tang's "Genghis Kahn Mandarin Polo". This is the Mongolian Rugby team for reference.

Sperry's Original Venetian Loafer. Oh what color to choose?

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