Beyond Throwing Up My Arms In Disgust

Well not that I am high on the Catholic Church any at the moment after years of dealing with the Big Fraud but Pope Benedict is not helping any for sure with his recent decision not to accept the resignations of two Irish bishops who were ONLY complicit in sexual abuse cases.

As one of the Bishop’s involved says in his own words (Bishop Eamonn Walsh) “The question of resignation has been raised on the grounds of ‘guilt by association’. However, guilt by association only arises where someone is complicit in a decision or action, or is silent when to speak would have made a difference. Present in a room or proximity to a decision-maker of itself is not guilt by association.”

Well that is awfully dam political of you Bishop.  And who defines “made a difference” to you?  You or the Pope?  I still have to hope and believe that God will make the final decision based on a slightly different definition and you will be made to ponder that for eternity.

For more on the sleaze check here and here.

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