And Were Off

So the wife is gone now for the next three days so the children and I are off to fulfill tasks a plenty.  Today we are jumping on it right away as we are heading to the pool right at the 10am opening bell to avoid the mid day heat (Already 84).  No question it is more difficult with the single parent thing but I have to admit I like the challenge and I like having the clear direction and plan regarding what we are going to do.

After the pool it will be nap time for 2 of 3 and with the third I am running to the Meijijejieir (Did i put too any letters in there?) and then off to For Eyes to look for a second pair of glasses.  After that based on the temp I am thinking about taking them all out to look for these damn Skecher’s Twinkle Toe Shoes for back to school.  Nothing says focus on education than light up blinking shoes right?

For the night time I am thinking about going with a solid pizza night followed by begrudgingly attending the weekly neighborhood gathering.  That will consist of me hiding behind my 11 month old while watching my older daughters play and avoid all contact with other adults.

First day plan is written and so it shall be done.

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