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Ok so 1.5 days of Daddy Day Care have gone well and of course action packed.  A summary –

  • Pool – 3 young kids at a pool is stressful as I fully expect our Team Jacob/Edward lifeguards to do nothing until it is too late.  Add one over protective grandma to the picture and is raises the bar quite a bit.  The funny thing is that the kids are never the problem!  Just the people and shit around them.  Large (Eldest Minion) is getting better with swimming and I can look away for 2.5 seconds now so that is refreshing.  M (Middle Minion) is just plain crazy so you have to watch, period.  S (El Piccolo) is truly easy but can be fussy  and a little of a buzzkill (naps, etc.).  Overall good time with no one harmed or hampered.
  • Shopping – Not only did I get to Meieieiejer, I also went to Children’s Place & Carters and somehow was able to buy clothes for all three kids even though I just wanted to pay the Children’s Place bill.
  • Dropped off the dental exam results for Eldest Minion to attend kindergarten at district office.
  • Cleaned the old cat box, which was sorely needed.
  • Took Eldest & Middle Minions to JcPenny (I hate that fucking store) to pick up new Skechers Twinkle Toes to much fanfare.
  • Decided not to cook shit yesterday and instead some lovely Jimmy John’s at the pool (Fuck they are really that fast) and some local pizza for the evening.
  • Paid bills online
  • Signed up the elder minions for park district gymnastics, they have a year or two left before I let this creepy sport infect them.
  • Art fair with the whole family which was nice but man it really shrunk this year.  I was hoping to see that one guy who made the kick ass mobiles as I had plans for that.
  • Went through the K checklist with L and we seem as ready as we can be….with the exception of our nemesis, aka Zippers.

Now if I can get another 10 things done between now and tomorrow afternoon it might be a success.  Might.

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