Why Thank You.

The last three weeks of my life since I returned from an exhausting China trip have been a whirlwind of activity.  My work is busy as all hell but somehow I seem to spend less time in the office than normal and that is nice but also discomforting.  I have guilt.  We all know I have lots of guilt for things I have done, things I have not yet done, things that others have done and things that others have not yet done but let’s face it…they will do it and I will feel guilty.

However, with all the time at home for various reasons I have been with the kids a whole heckuva a lot and that is a good thing.  My eldest is starting kindergarten so god knows what path we are on and my middle one is starting her next year of pre-school.  The baby is almost one and pretty soon she will start mouthing off (thanks big sisters for that skill-set) and walking around so overall this is a nice time to be around before the next big set of changes start.

Now I have noticed my patience has been shorter with them and I will blame the heat and my overall lack of patience with everything, especially myself, over the last 4 months.  On the other hand I have kept them busy, educated, entertained and well fed without question and I have enjoyed doing that immensely.  I love planning out the day to the point they know that when I am around something good is around the corner or worse…something great better be in the vicinity.

And during the course of these events I think a few of my fellow neighbors have noted my time around here and with the kids as well.  Well tonight on a bike ride with the girls, following a trip to our small local zoo and some corndogs and limeade slushes at Sonic, I ran into one of our newer and nicer neighbors.  Great guy with two sweet kids.

And you know what he said to me out of the blue….”I thought I was a good dad but after knowing you I know I am a distant 2nd”.  Now normally I would look for sarcasm or something to be guilty about but not tonight.  Tonight I am going to enjoy that comment and take some pride in the fact that I try my ass off and some folks might notice it and maybe some day my kids will have enjoyed all the time with me almost as I have with them.

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