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What to get 2 girls who in general have everything 2 little girls want minus the ponies/unicorns they have asked for?  A Springfree Trmpoline which happens to be the safest (wink, wink I know) trampoline out there.  This thing is freaking impressive in every way but the fact they cannot hit any metal and all their injuries will happen due to head to head collisions is remarkably satisfying.  Kinda like bikes, not dangerous per se but put a few kids in a pack and watch Death Race 2010.

I had been debating this bad boy for a good solid year now as I wrestled the playset vs. trampoline argument but one day on a walk i noticed something for the 10,000 time…..all the playsets are empty out there.  I mean my kids love them, love them at a park, love them at a friends house but when they are alone at a park they are bored with them.  In my humble opinion playsets are best enjoyed with friends but once you are 5 or older swinging or sliding by your self does little for you.  So far (small sample size though) I am right, my kids jump on this alone, with each other and with friends.  It is something that is outside the normal, unlike the playsets they are on at school, so I think this helps too.

Indeed I am pleased.

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