I Am A Sucker

"Erin" (Glasses off)


The weefe and I just celebrated anniversary X with a weekend downtown with the 3 minions in tow as we have always done.  It is not so easy to get a sitter for 3 kids and have to be careful when you cash in the grandparents token as we like to blow that on longer trips.  So we planned to do the things we have normally done including lunch at the American Girl Place which we have now done I believe 3 years in a row.  Before you ask…no, we do not own any of the dolls as our girls have always brought their special doll from home and been quite content.  Content to the point that no one has ever asked sweet dad for an American Girl.  Until this year, and when it rains it indeeds pours as I felt like “Pacman” Jones making it rain but instead of being at a Vegas strip club I was buying semi-creepy looking dolls.


Yes, that was my bill for lunch (Nice how they charge the full $22 for my 1 year old), 2 dolls (see Erin and Clara above), 2 new outfits, 2 new brushes and 1 pair of eyeglasses for Erin as she is near-sighted in her right obviously.

I am guessing this is probably the beginning of a long, hateful and expensive relationship with American Girl but when you have 3 daughters what can you expect and more importantly what can I say.  Well, I guess I could say No but we all know that is not going to happen ever as I still want to be the man and make it rain regardless of the locale.

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