Things I Would Like To Forget 2010 – People

Far too many to name them all but here is a start….

  1. Nicholas Sparks – Douchebag central.
  2. Jennifer Anniston – Go away now before another film is ever made.
  3. Sarah Jessica Parker – Enough.  The damage is done forever.  All the morons out there who know consider themselves Carrie’s, Charlotte’s, Miranda’s and Samantha’s are your fault.  Yes, they were stupid to begin with but you pushed them further down the trail.
  4. Glen Beck – You are going to have a blast in hell.  Hope you have an extra Christmas Sweater for Hitler.
  5. Ann Coulter – Bye bye skeletor.  Each day you get bonier the wonks at FOX want you less and less.  Enjoy the free time in 2011.
  6. Brett Favre – Nothing negative, just take your shlong and go home.
  7. Pakistan – Just go away for a solid 12-18 months and come back when you are ready to grow up.

And just to make it clear, the top 4 should really, really go away.  However, I would accept a Nicholas Sparks sacrifice alone.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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