Bothered Just A Tiny Bit

Have to be careful about posting too many video/audio clips as suddenly I turn into “Shit I Like” site which this is essentially but I equally like to focus on shit I don’t like as well.  And shit that is just odd.  And overall shit that just sticks in my brain.

Right now what is sticking in my brain is that I don’t like winter that much this year.  I generally like winter and it is not even the cold that has me annoyed as it has been fairly moderate this year in my opinion.  The current issue I have is that I am running out of things to do.  Sure I can continue to do projects around the house at a breakneck pace (woo-hoo touch up painting and hanging more frames tonight!) but it is the weekends that are at issue.

I know the biggest factor is that I have a 16 month old who does not seem ready yet to brave the elements for long periods of times.  I am tired of movies.  I am tired of the bouncy places (ie. Monkey Joe’s, Bouncetown, Airtastic, etc.).  I am tired of Chucky Cheese.  I am tired of Borders/Barnes & Noble/Library.  I want something new.  I crave something new.  I am tired of only being able to take 2 of the 3 out and also leaving either myself or the weefe at home with the tiniest minion.  I want full family time.

But what?  Kinda hard to figure out the true family things to do in the winter with a 16 month old.

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