A New Addiction Is Needed

Well first off let  me say fuck new years and all the stupid talk about resolutions.  2 digits changed in my life and that is it.  Period.

That being said I need to look for a new addiction and I think I might have found one.  WATCHES.

My neighbor, who might be my first new friend in 20 years, is clearly drunk on high end watches and some of it is starting to rub off on me.  I bought a Rolex DateJust about 8 years ago as a treat for myself as I had never owned or worn a watch in my entire life and I love it.  I love everything about the styling and functionality of it and would never consider parting with it (Note to the daughters and any future boyfriends).

That being said how do I proceed with this new fledgling addiction.  I am right now thinking about purchasing a less expensive watch along the lines of a Welder or TW Steel

TW Steel


My thought is to start slow, unlike most things I do, and see if I like wearing other watches in general and also getting a better sense of what I may like or dislike.  This would allow me to ramp up before jumping into the unknown a little bit.  At this time my 2011 target watch is the Breitling Navitimer as I really dig this one.

Breitling Navitimer

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6 Responses to A New Addiction Is Needed

  1. sheila says:

    the welder is cool. i went thru a watch phase but for the past 4 years i’ve been wearing the oversized seiko i got for the moroccan for xmas one year (and confiscated in the split-up). can’t imagine switching at any point in the near future.

  2. martineden says:

    I like the title “The Moroccan”, i thought this was the bourne identity at first but then i realized who you were talking about it.

    I think i need to find a kick ass chinese watch too. not a knock off but just a kick ass up and coming take over the world chinese watch. a nice conversation piece.

    however, i am like you were i love the watch i wear so i need to take this slowly or i will go overboard and then decide i only like to wear one which would be very much me.

  3. Lindsay says:

    The welder is cool but it seems hard to read, which is an important characteristic in a watch when it’s main function is to tell time. And if someone were to ask you the time, and it took you several seconds to tell them because you were confused as to which dial to read from on it’s giant face, you’d look like a douche bag. We’re too old for functionality not to be any gadget’s main function.

  4. martineden says:

    Could I just pull off looking like a moron and not as a douchebag? I am fine with being considered stupid if that is the only issue.

  5. The neighbor says:

    I can only assume I’m to blame here. I think you should buy the breitling now and thank me later.

  6. martineden says:

    Oh hell yeah you are to blame. I was all ok not knowing anything about watches and now I am on crazy watch forums looking for my next fix of watch porn.

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