• 2 doctor appointments (Well baby for Small, Follow up for Middle)
  • 1 trip to Chuck E. Cheese including pizza, game time and one silly prize.  Medium missed a party at Chuck’s place last weekend so this was a make up date.  Damn that kid has luck like me as the first machine she went to spit out 215 tickets!  815 total tickets later we owned ourselves a sweet Rocker Helen stuffed animal.
  • Haircut (more like a quick shave)
  • Illy coffee beans and getting the new/replacement machine running and old one packed up (God bless that good coffee is back online)
  • Changed all the bedding (1 crib, 1 twin mattress, 1 queen mattress & 1 king mattress).  Sickness be gone.
  • 2 loads of laundry (always a black load and this time a nice solid and easy bedding load)
  • Suit review ( you know to review which suits to pack in the evening—wait normal folks don’t do that.)
  • Emptying the lovely diaper genie
  • Clean the cat box (Not sure which is worst – diaper genie or cat box)
  • Drop off the old coffee machine and pick up my new Times Of Grace cd and shirt.  maybe a CD review later this month as I want to let it breath a bit.
  • Bath for Small.
  • Dinner with friends including relearning how to play clue….i bring the pain to Prof. Plum all day.
  • Shave (not head, see face)
  • Pack (Lots of button up shirts)
  • Bedtime at 12:38am for a 4:45am wake call for the 7:15 flight to SF

This the craziness I put myself through to get ready for a trip.  I have not had a trip since mid November and that might be the longest stretch I have gone like that in 4-5 years.  The large gap in time contributed to making this feel odder than normal to get ready, pack and actually leave.  I sure hope I settle in quickly as this is going to be a bumpy month.


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