What a fucking horrible feeling it is now after that game. The positive I am going to hang on to is that I sure did not expect an NFC Championship Game for this season by a long shot.

The other side notes –

  • I hate Aaron Rodgers and his over hype.
  • Mike McCarthy has to be the most over-rated coach in the NFL due to the IR bullshit.
  • Joe Buck literally kills all games for me.
  • Tim Jennings is not much of a corner and Major Wright is a major bust for me at safety.
  • I like Webb.  I think he showed talent and improvement.
  • Why did we pay Todd Collins $1.00 this season?

That’s it, and no matter the circumstance I thank the lord every moment that I do not live in Wisconsin.  Oh yeah and Indiana too while I’m touching on that.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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3 Responses to Horrible

  1. The neighbor says:

    WAs a nut buster of a game. Cutler is a baby and Collins should be given a vasectomy. Hanie almost had a Cinderella story which would have been cool.

  2. martineden says:

    I’m going to disagree with the Cutler stuff on this. The guy is tough as nails and all the players out there bitching about him have spent a hell of a lot more time on the bench or on IR.

    No way this team would win the central and advance to the NFC Championship without him. This team is alot of smoke and mirrors to cover up bad drafting so I am going to stick with what I have always thought….Jay Cutler is a good franchise quaterback.

    Now lets just agree that we better have an offensive lineman filled summer stocking. And maybe someone could teach Johnny Knox to go for a ball even though he is our #1 receiver and 5’2″.

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