The Ballot Is Out

In another rare showing of being on top of my shit i sent out the ballot for the 5th Annual Oscar Pool today so let me know if you did not get it, want to get it or want to tell me to go to hell.  A couple things I noticed while working up the ballot –

  • This whole 10 nominees for Best Picture is just stupid.  I can barely name 3 movies that even appear to be worthy to be considered and if the Academy thinks are brining in more viewers by doing this it is just plain stupid.  Why not have 10 nominees for Leading Actor & Actress so you can have even more stars there as that would make more sense to boost viewership than nominating some of these films.
  • This year they added 2 nominees for Best Visual Effects?  Why, you could not have done it with just 3?
  • This year they cut the Best Animated Feature down to 3 nominees.  And Despicable Me was not one of them?  Are you freaking kidding?  Why not just cut it down to Toy Story 3 then and leave it at that.
  • I have not yet seen the King’s Speech but why does it have so many technical nominations?
  • Who did Arnofsky piss off this year?  Black Swan should be nominated in at least 2-4 more categories so he must have pissed in more than a few Starbucks Soy Latte No Foam’s out there.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions as we have 1 month to go.

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