Happy New Year

The last year of the Rabbit was 1999 was not so bad.  I was engaged that year to the weefe, without kids and at the time happily involved with a fraud and a crook.  Although in the fraud & crooks defense he was not at his all time high of thievery and lying and in my defense I was naive and stupid.  All in all a very good year but I think 2011 will be a better run of things.

The fortune for 1999 was “A good year for career advancements and financial rewards. Plans succeed smoothly. A time for a family celebration.”  That all was true as far as horoscope broad strokes is concerned so what does 2011 have up it’s sneaky sleeve…

The general Horoscope for Tigers (1974) is –

  • Some sentimental deceptions may be feared for this year. They’ll be due not so much to human inconstancy as to a lack of imagination on the part of the Tiger. Now everybody knows that routine and pedestrianism are the worst enemies of love!
  • It’s to incite us to get out of the rut and to look for some fantasy in love that an Arab proverb tells us: “In order to love a living person well, one must love him as if he were to die tomorrow.” The Tiger must also cultivate tolerance, this supreme virtue capable of reviving extinct or dying sentimental fires.
  • Ok so that really offers some great guidance.

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