I Will Not

Be watching the Super Bowl this year for the first time in my life.  I choose instead to take my kids to Target to pick out a toy they so richly (note sarcasm) deserved and then took them to McD for dinner.  And unless my calculations are incorrect I did not see one man at Target or McD at all.  None, Zilch, Nada.  I know have a Wild Kratts on for them and have readied the upstairs to put them to bed in the next few minutes and read them a couple books.

I have no intention of catching even one second of the Super Bowl.  I could put it solely on my hatred of the Packers but it goes to the Steelers mainly.  I have always enjoyed the Steelers to the point that when the Bears aren’t playing I would consider them my 2nd favorite team in the league.  I have always like the coaches, front office personnel and even the owner.  The players have also been favorites of mine including current players like Farrior & Polamalu. However, I cannot be part of any Big Ben love fest.  As any reader of the BM will know, I think Ben Roethlisberger is an excellent quaterback and well above average leader for his team…however –

  • I cannot stand by and listen to blowhards from every network tell me that he is a changed man.  He was a creep before the NFL and will be long after the NFL is my bet.
  • I cannot stand the fact that the same fans who attached him so vigorously (and correctly in my opinion) prior to his return essentially forgot who he is over the last 7 weeks of the NFL.
  • I cannot forget that I have 3 daughters and Big Ben and his ilk are the one type I would like to eliminate with glee from the face of the planet any chance I would get.

Enjoy the Superbowl as I will not this year with zero regrets.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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