Some Helpful Links (Oscar Related That Is)

Here is a little extra list to help you get some research in.  On the other hand the research is not worth too much as you never know what buzz will win over The Academy.

  • Academy Awards – List of nominations and all the rest of the junk.
  • Moviefone – Nominations plus predictions.
  • The Envelope – The LA Times coverage of the Academy Awards that is quite in depth.
  • EW – Entertainment Weekly site that is a little tabloid-esque but still pretty good.

Also note the following winners from these guilds –

For the record, and my own personal desire to take a swipe, Judd Apatow decided to bite back at Ricky Gervais for his hosting of the Golden Globes.  Yes, the same Judd Apatow who makes fun of anything and everything he chooses and also has zero backbone when it comes to casting his own films (see Mel Gibson).  I have a feeling that Ricky Gervais will be making me laugh for quite some time beyond that of Mr. Apatow.

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