2011 BAFTA Winner’s List

For you folks out there just dying to hear who won the BAFTA’s this weekend here you go.  Here is the partial list  with a few comments

Best Film
– The King’s Speech – Not surprising as the momentum for this one keeps on growing.  I have yet to see this so I cannot really comment.

Best Director
– David Fincher, The Social Network – Ugh.  I again felt this was good but a little too heavy handed and the best part about it was the actual dialogue that Sorkin wrote.

Best Original Screenplay
– The King’s Speech – Have not seen it so cannot comment.

Best Adapted Screenplay
– The Social Network – In a slightly weak category this is not a shock.

Best Film Not In The English Language (We call it Best Foreign Film For Reference)
– The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Wow…I still don’t think the Academy is not going to look for an opportunity to give Javier Bardem an award here though.

Best Animated Film
– Toy Story 3 – At least they had the common sense to nominate Despicable Me which I thought killed Toy Story 3.

Leading Actor
– Colin Firth, The King’s Speech – No surprise.

Leading Actress
– Natalie Portman, Black Swan – I hope this is an indicator, I really do as she deserves it.

Supporting Actor
– Geoffery Rush – The King’s Speech – Not a shock but it seems like this is a Christian Bale win still.

Supporting Actress
– Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech – I again have not seen this but not shocking and I could see this as an Oscar possibility, I hope.

– True Grit – Had to give it a bone I guess.


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