1 Last One Squeezed In

True Fluff is what I would have gone with.

Although I had already carved my winners out in the BM site earlier this week I still have been trying to get in some additional Oscar movies and on the flight from Chicago to Shanghai I was able to catch True Grit written and directed by Joel & Ethan Cohen.  I came in with low expectations as I had trouble with this cast and this directing team doing a western from the get go.

I have to admit though it was an entertaining movie but quiet a bit fluffier than I expected.  Mr. Bridges continues to play “The Dude” and might be trying to compete with Al Pacino in the coasting regard at this point of his career and Mr. Damon’s part as a Texas Ranger made me almost yearn for Chuck Norris to be honest.  However, I thought the humor of the movie was its strongest point and I have to give the Cohen’s credit for that but I thought it was just too slapstick and fluffy for my taste in the genre.  Call me old fashioned but I want to see Unforgiven when I see a serious western and Blazing Saddles if I want one to make me laugh and I don’t need in between that for anything.

This is one of the many movies that just should not be nominated and why they should not have expanded the Best Film category to 10.

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