It’s Official…And The Winner Is

You're The Best Around, No One Is Ever Going To Take You Down....Well At Least Until Next Year

It is now official and confirmed after going through the ballots –

  1. Dave H. – 67
  2. Quinn P. – 59
  3. Sara B. – 55
  4. TIE – Ann F. / Joseph M. – 51
  5. Matt P. – 50
  6. TIE – Mr. B. / John R. – 49
  7. Lis C. – 47
  8. Lindsay M. – 46
  9. Lisa X. – 45
  10. Paula S. – 44
  11. Eric F. – 43
  12. Marlovits Girls – 29
  13. Bob B. – 27
  14. Paula F. – 25
  15. Lulu H. – 23
  16. TIE Candice R. / Liam R. – 21
  17. Jamie M. – 17

Congratulations to Dave H. for pretty much running away and hiding this one by about the halfway part of the show.  He nailed 20 of 24 categories and his only major misstep was on Best Director but the three folks who got that one were just too far behind to make it count.  Dave H. has participated every year and I believe this is his first year in the money with winnings of $85.00!  Well done indeed.

A few other notable items –

  • Candice & Liam R. – This is the first time I have seen the much rumored but never seen parent/child tie.  Also Liam had a big rebound from last years last place finish (He owes nothing for this year) so no freebie entry for him in 2012.
  • Mr. B. – The infamous dog tried a comeback late in the show, much like his whole west coast family, but it was a little too late to count.  A 6th place finish for him must hurt and it might mean no extra treats this week.
  • John R. – Two years ago he had a rough go at it and finished last but has come on strong and was even able to tie the big shot, Mr. B.
  • Marlovits Girls – Instead of individual entries their mother forced them to work together and it created a disappointing finish.  They are not talking now and all of them are trying to take credit for their two slick picks – Live Action Short & Documentary.  Next year they go solo or revolt I have been told by sources close to the ground.
  • Quinn P. – A 2 year old has won $10.00 and that can buy you a lot of toys.  However, he is in LA and even the girls 2 and under expect a better number on his W-2.  Congrats Quinn though on beating your dog and showing him whose house it is now.
  • Lis C. – Most impressive debut in this years poll.  A first timer with a 47, quite impressive…..and had you filled out ALL of the categories (you missed 3) it might have been over 50.
  • Jamie M – Thank you for joining up with our ranks this year and congrats on getting a free run at it next year.  I am going to go on a limb and predict a top 5 finish for you next year.

Thanks again to everyone who participated as you make this quite a bit more enjoyable as otherwise I would still be punching my imaginary Paltrow doll in the head.  Please drop off or send in the appropriate funds when you can so we can put them in Dave’s hands as the man likes to get paid.

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4 Responses to It’s Official…And The Winner Is

  1. Shecky Zadelman says:

    So did I get beat by a dog, a two year old and your kids?

  2. martineden says:

    Well Shecky, if I am confident as to who you are (some doubts last night or this morning as I was in a stupor) then you beat my kids and you did get crushed by a dog and a 2 year old. However, that dog has flat out won this thing and placed in the money I believe 3 of 5 years.

  3. Dave says:

    Victory is mine! This is the first thing I have won since I nabbed a portable toilet at a CDW Christmas party raffle back in the day.

  4. martineden says:

    I think you are the type to like cash a lot more than even a toilet seat.

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