Just Dumb

Just dumb.  I can go on the record now and say that from day one I thought you were just plain dumb.  Not stupid, just dumb.  Let me now count the ways –

  • You twirl your hair like a monkey plays with it’s feces.
  • You cannot use a sentence without the word “like” or “um”
  • You never understood that Bono and Sonny Bono are pronounced differently.
  • You are unable to have a conversation without your phone in front of your face….and worst yet you have nothing to actually check.
  • You cannot and will not ever hold a job.
  • You have no concept of reality.
  • You are without question one of the worst parents I have ever seen.  Your selfishness is so mind boggling.  The damage you are doing every day you breathe is truly magnificent.
  • Sorry to repeat, but you are selfish.
  • You are a massive slob not only in your possessions but also in the management of your life.
  • You are incredibly lazy.

I am so, so happy that you are not near anything I know and thank God every day that you ran off every day….even if it was in a car that you still don’t own.  Good riddance you dum dum.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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9 Responses to Just Dumb

  1. Anonymous says:

    very nice….not sure who the person is, but they should be proud

  2. martineden says:

    I do like to shine the light on immense stupidity whenever I can.

  3. Shecky Zadelman says:

    That’s very sensitive

  4. martineden says:

    In general when people say they are being sensitive they are either weak minded fools, predators or liars. If sensitive means avoiding or ignoring the truth about yourself or your loved ones then count me out.

  5. defendingthetruth says:

    I would also like to point out that said dummy creating 12 pointless blogs that no one reads besides dummy does not equate to having employment. Writing those is just the time dummy spends between taking another self photo of dummy with an iPhone. A job is something you do that earns a paycheck, the last time I checked.

  6. martineden says:

    I agree with you “defending the truth” for the most part but also I have to attest that I write this for my own benefit and no one else’s. The key thing is that I do not have a need to attract attention to myself at all times so my blog is not for that purpose. That is why I avoid “social media” in every way as well as it is basically a tool to help shape your online “image” to replace the real you. Most folks that I have seen who are overly (I did not say everyone) dedicated to twitter or facebook or linked in or whatever have serious self worth issues and need to use these sites to point out the greatness or tremendous difficulties in life to gain attention. Similar to a child in every regard. The sad part is when they finally wake up and notice that all they have is a virtual copy of themselves and have nothing in terms of a lived life. I also feel sad for the families and loved ones of these folks as they have chosen to use them like props in a movie as opposed to truly cherishing time with them. Sad. Quite sad.

    I also agree that a job is a key to anyone’s self worth. The ability to make a living for yourself or a family is a huge thing and I do feel for those who have lost jobs over the last few years. However, I don’t feel bad for those who always leave jobs because “the boss is an idiot”. If you have left or been fired and used that saying more than once you are probably the idiot in the equation.

    At some point you have to live in reality and having a job instead of tweeting time seem to be a solid first step in the right direction.

  7. defendingthetruth says:

    I have nothing against blogging for oneself or for any other reason. As you and all my friends and others are finding out, my new blog is QUITE interesting and chock full of interesting pictures and tidbits…

    Defending the truth is always best done with picture proof I always say!

  8. martineden says:

    Photo blogs can be quite effective and also a HUGE source for skeletons. I am very grateful that I have never, ever been stupid enough to send things such as lewd and lascivious photos to folks.

    As Jay-Z said so eloquently on Takeover on the Blueprint –

    “Because you know who did you know what with you know who but just keep that between me and you for now”

  9. Bewil says:


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