Substitute – One that takes the place of another; a replacement.

This week the weefe is gone so I am at home and running the big show with the 3 minions.  And I love it.  I know I would not be capable of doing it 365 days a year for the last several years as she has done it and even if I could, I would not do it nearly as well as her.  I am a fantastic closer though and can come in for a solid week or two and run it at a very very high level.  I put alot of pressure on myself to do that and I set my expectations for them (Too High) and myself (Way Too High) at a nearly impossible level to sustain for a period of time.  I take this shit seriously.  They are my daughters and deserve every fucking ounce out of me until the day I die.  I don’t take short cuts and I don’t cheat them or myself out of anything.  It is more of a joy for me than them at this stage and I am perfectly fine with it.

No substitutes for the real in anything in life.  You can’t fake parenting.  You can’t fake a job.  You can’t fake a real life.  You can find many things to do to fill your days or even convince your self that you are fulfilled.  You can type every 30 minutes of your life into facebook, you can check in or out of all the places you are going, you can take as many photos of you at unique places as possible and you can tweet every little detail about your life…’s all fake.  You are not living you’re substituting.

Be present in what you are doing, not broadcasting.  Be involved in the moment, not looking to be noticed.  Do it for the right reasons, not looking for praise in it.

Overly preachy indeed but my continued disdain for all “social media” will not relent.

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2 Responses to Substitute

  1. lioneyes says:

    I wonder what Facebook would look like if everyone was actually honest about themselves, instead of being in an online competition of who has the greatest life. I wonder if in 10 years we will look back at Facebook and wonder why we wasted so much precious time following people as they check in an out of a grocery store, quote philosophy, and take pictures of food they just ordered at a restaurant.

  2. martineden says:

    I think that is the key – honesty. I can see the value and importance of social network sites even if I do not use them. However, people need to be honest about what they are doing on there. Are you just there to collect people? Are you there to justify an otherwise unfulfilled life?

    Do we need to know anyone’s daily activities and why are people so vain they need to share them and hope that folks “like” it. Do you really want what are essentially strangers (Knowing someone 20 years ago from HS does not make them a friend) looking at your kids? Do we really care about the fact that you can’t find a soulmate? Or that you decided to get shit-faced again?

    No one living their own life cares. Not if they are honest about it. They care about a set circle of folks and the rest is just spam. What a waste.

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