7 Of Them

Yesterday I purchased 7 pairs of shoes.  7 pairs of kids shoes.  The breakdown is as follows –

Me and my Adidas do the illest things we like to stomp out pimps with diamond rings

I picked up 2 with velcro and one with laces to round out the summer sneaker set up.  In addition, my kids both have fairly new Vans and light up Skechers that they have NOT outgrown so they in theory would have 3 sneakers to last through the end of the summer. Was I done?

No, not by a long shot.  I then picked up 2 pairs of Crocs for my eldest and middle minion.  These are not my favorite type of shoe and yes they have been played out but for kids who run all day in the field behind my house and take 50 trips a day between my back door and the trampoline it is worth it to have easy to clean, slip on and off durable shoes.  I must be done now, right?

Nope.  Still had to pick up soccer cleats.  That is how I got to 7 shoes in one day.  I hope that I am done now for a while, just for a bit at least but I get a feeling this is just the start with these litle feet.




I might be wrong but I will probably look back at this day and wish for it with three girls.  Getting 7 pairs of shoes for around $192.00 might be a deal in comparison to what will come down the road based on their mother and what damage she can do.

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