beg, crave, beseech, implore, importune

For reference – Importune adds the sense of persistent and sometimes irksome pleading.

These are traits you must avoid when choosing to share your opinion or blog in my humble opinion.  You cannot write for the sake of the reaction and you cannot force your audience, no matter how small or large, to boost your ego.  You write to write.  The purpose of writing is not fame, it is simply the will to write and not a choice.  You can have these traits if you want to make movies or music or update a facebook or twitter feed every three minutes I guess.

You can use gimmicks to expose the desired destination but as a writer that is not the goal.  People will take the writing itself into their own consciousness and experiences they have had will shape the ultimate destination.  The truth of what you are is in you’re writing and if you spend your time pleading to be heard or commented on you are in need of more help than a simple diary or blog can provide to you.  The catharsis you are looking for is not in the writing as your own selfish needs require alot more than a single comment or a daily number of visits.


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I am not here to please anyone.
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