Dormant Stupidity

I just pulled the story below from for your reference.  It is amazing how stupidity might lay dormant for years, or in Trump’s case days, but it will still surface given a proper opportunity.  For such a long time I just thought you were a blow hard on a bad show on a 4th place network but now you are clearly an excellent choice for President.
I think the tea baggers should hope on TRUMP 2012 right away and wish you all the best of luck.  Maybe you could get the White House and also own the Mets.
TRENDING: Trump is now 'really concerned' about Obama's birthplace

(CNN) – He off-handedly questioned President Obama’s birthplace last week – a comment that drew strong rebukes from some quarters – but now business mogul Donald Trump says he’s more concerned than ever that the president was, in fact, not born in the United States.

Trump – who, however improbably, claims to be considering a presidential bid – said Monday that since his first public statement on the issue last week, “a lot of facts are emerging” that are making him question more seriously where Obama was born.


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