Not My Routine

Tonight I had my first “routine” traffic stop in LA at 1:30am on my way to the hotel.  I can tell that the police office was very polite and professional so I have no gripe with her or the LAPD on that front.  I was driving a little slow and turned around in a driveway in an attempt to find the entrance to the Hilton parking garage so I was stopped for suspicious/possibly erratic driving.  I was let go without any warning or ticket with a smile and a “Have A Safe Evening”.

I must be watching too much Southland as I was a little nervous even though I knew I did nothing wrong, had not drugs or weapons on me and had not been drinking in any way in the last 30 days.  Still an unusual experience based on the time and the location.  Tomorrow should be a better day if I can refrain from getting my assed pulled over.

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2 Responses to Not My Routine

  1. sheila says:

    ok I totally love Southland. Great, great show.

  2. martineden says:

    I’m glad to hear at least one other person digs this show as the weefe and I love it. I think she might have a little OC hangover and that is also a factor in my opinion. If you like Southland you have to make sure you watch Detroit 187 if it comes back next year as it is very similar and equally as gritty.

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