Thank You I Think

Today was the bounce day going from LA up to SF just for a few meetings and then heading right back down to LA for a few more tomorrow so overall a long but good day.  While I was in the Admiral’s Club (Think American You Bastards) in SF getting ready to head back to LA I checked in for a flight tomorrow and the exchange with the agent went like this –

  • Agent – Can I see your ID sir?
  • Me – Yes, here you go.
  • Agent – Wow.
  • Me – ………..
  • Agent – I imagine you have quite a bit of trouble getting through security without a pat down.
  • Me – Why yes that is correct.
  • Agent – You don’t look like a terrorist in person but in this photo you sure do.
  • Me – Actually, I’m not a terrorist in either.
  • Agent – I’m just saying that you might want to smile a bit more.
  • Me – I’m not a nice person so why bother.
  • Agent – You seem polite.
  • Me – Never mistake politeness for kindness or friendliness.

We then continued this conversation for another 3-5 minutes with her showing my lovely ID to 2 other agents and asking them their opinion on what I look like.

I am not exaggerating this either and it really did not bother me.  My photo is not very warm and cuddly but it is accurate.  I also enjoyed pointing out my brief thoughts on kindness vs. politeness as that is always something I like to stress.  I will gladly hold open the door for you but keep in mind that I am possibly thinking about slamming it into your back as well.  I just don’t act on it.

The amazing part to me is generally you do not mention the words “Bomb” or “Terrorist” in an airport in any way and here I was in the lounge hearing agents throw the “T” word around like I use the F word internally.  Interesting but I am going to take the whole thing as a compliment in my slightly deranged mind.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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4 Responses to Thank You I Think

  1. sheila says:

    Hahaha this is so fucking funny! Of course, I’ve never seen your ID.

  2. sheila says:

    ps what an annoying client you must have to make you run around like that.

    pps you are exceedingly polite. and yes, admittedly not all that nice. must be why we get along so well. except i’m not polite at all. lol!

  3. martineden says:

    Trust me, the ID is not so good. Shaved head as always and a decent beard. And the scowl helps alot.

    And I love the running around as I continue my fabled trek to 10,000,000 miles.

    I’m nice to people I like and polite to strangers. I just never see the point in being nice to those whom I don’t care for or know. I might be a hellion slightly.

  4. Heeman says:

    At best, your ID picture gives the Unibomber a run for his money.

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