Have You Ever Noticed

I am not trying to be mean (I’m civil occasionally) but after 3 days in LA I started to notice that many middle aged and older women have a certain look to their mouth, chin and nose area.  I know this is due mainly to cosmetic surgery and maybe I just saw too many bad examples or even more recent procedures but it still made me think of….

Just a little nip and tuck.

No one else notice or think of this?  I am just wondering if it might be a form of reverse evolution.  Maybe you fruity Creationist can look into this for me.  Is LA the first part of the world that is devolving?  Or could this be a long term rapture process.  Too many questions for this simple man but I can say that LA woman (some, not all) are starting to look a bit ape like.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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2 Responses to Have You Ever Noticed

  1. sheila says:

    oh, we notice. ack.

  2. Heeman says:

    LA sucks.

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