Douchebag Of The Week

Morgan Spurlock. You are not quite as big of a douchebag as Nicholas Sparks but you are not that far behind cheesedick #1. You contribution to society and to the cinema includes the obviously stupid “Super Size Me” and newest documentary “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”. In this weeks’ Tribune you mock product placement in films and point out the most egregious examples in your opinion. After reading the article my thoughts are the exact same as to my thoughts after seeing Super Size Me….so the fuck what. What do you offer to anyone with these docs? Educating the general public on product placement and the evils of it?

Might I suggest using your funding and making a difference or truly educating the world about something worthwhile. I’m sure you have some self serving excuse as to why what you do is critical but the trappings of modern commerce really don’t rank in my top ten evil list at the moment.

Douchebag of the Week is yours Morgan Spurlock.

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One Response to Douchebag Of The Week

  1. Heeman says:

    I would love to actually see your top 10 evil list. May we see a new blog entry about that soon?

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