I Really Don’t Like You

While reading an article about the NFL lockout today and in particular an article about Judge Susan Richard Nelson lifting the lockout today I was able to glimpse further Republican stupidity. The article had 150+ comments to Gene Wojciechowski article stating “They’ve (Meaning NFL owners and commissioner) been outflanked by the players’ union/”trade association” on every front: on the negotiating front, the legal front and the public relations front.”

And one bright Republican had this to offer – “Oh, please. They have not.  They found one judge – an Obama appointee – who sided with the ‘union’. Shocking, I know. Her ruling will be set aside. The lockout will continue.  A new CBA will be negotiated.”

Really? Obama is at fault for the NFL lockout too? You fucking morons in every single way. Why don’t you all go home, put on your Toby Keith and jerk off to Palin shooting a moose.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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