Osama Bin Laden is dead. Period. Game Over. Confirmed.

However, one additional thing is confirmed the day after. Facebook is for morons. Morons who want to debate the is he is he not topic. Morons who want to debate if Obama or Bush should get credit. Morons who want to see an King Tut like tour for the body of a terrorist.

The only thing I have seen today is that Facebook is a vast ocean filled with morons who seem to multiply at random and I would bet without partners. Morons whom I have no desire to know or even remember. Facebook might be a room full of one billion but is still a room full of morons.

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5 Responses to Confirmed

  1. Sugardaddyforme says:

    You think Facebook is full of morons go check out Twitter.

  2. martineden says:

    I can imagine but at least those morons are limited by characters. And they seem more like high school idiots than full fledged morons. Most people who twitter are essentially just dumb individuals. Like flaming idiots. Like the type of idiots who buy clown shit and little trains. Almost retarded (no offense to those with mental handicaps) if they were forced to have to speak at length.

    Facebook allows someone to explore how big of a moron they are and then find the other morons who they agree with and have a mutual and mental jerk off with.

    An example – “Had a great day with the kids. I am truly lucky to have such wonderful children and such a loving and dedicated husband”. Then they get 15 people to “like” that post and tell them how wonderful their life is as well. How about you just live your fucking life and not wait for people to compliment you on it for your own justification.

  3. Sugardaddyforme says:

    Yes but at least with Facebook you are actually usually talking to people you actually know, even a little bit. Instead of thinking you are somehow important because 1,000 people follow your random 1 line bullshit. 1 real friend equals 25-50 Facebook friends equals 500 Twitter friends. But they are both bullshit in their own way. No one cares that you had a great day with your kids, or that you know how to cook food, or that you ordered a meal at a restaurant. Congratulations, you ate food today. #twitterdoesn’tmakeyouspecial

  4. hmmm says:

    I have seen more then a few facebook post over the last few days that leads me to believe that its totally full of morons. While it does have its moments I think most of that comes from the people you have on your friends list….

  5. martineden says:

    Agreed but I have very very few of them (less than 30). However, you also get to see a friend post something that is logical and watch the monkeys swarm in and start throwing around their feces very quickly. It becomes a very fast version of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon but everyone responding lives in the small town where music is banned and inane stupidity is all that comes out of all their mouths…that is when they are not breathing through them.

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