Quick Hits

  • I was never a fan of Billy Graham.  However, I am an enemy of Franklin Graham.  Franklin you are the same as Falwell or Bakker, a liar in a suit who pretends to follow God.  I have seen your type too many times and spent almost 10 years in the presence of a phony and it is even to spot now.  At least your father had a conscious.
  • Goodwill – I have donated clothes to you for many years but never once stepped in one of your stores until today.  Surprising clean and well run.  You should offer some advice to Wal-Mart when you get a chance.  Although I was hoping to find a bad, bedazzled leather jacket and you fucked me on that one.
  • Today I was as lazy as I have ever been.  I promised my daughters a breakfast of mini toast and instead of doing it the right way I bought pre-sliced French bread.  Kinda ashamed on that note.  For reference, mini toast in our house consists of me buying a large baguette and slicing it into very thin pieces, toasting each one and then plating them with assorted jams, peanut butters, butter and Nutella…hence Mini Toast.
  • Tonight I shall see The Twilight Singers at the Metro in Chicago.  Super excited and if you saw this CLIP you might be a fan too.  Check it out.
And finally, Stage 1 of the backyard is about 2 weeks from completion with pavers being installed as the final step.  Too bad I am already drooling over Stage 2 that is only about 12 months away.  Being content is not a strong suit.

Me Likey. Alot

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I am not here to please anyone.
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