On My Addled Mind

So my brain is a bit fuzzy after last night’s Twilight Singers show (more on that later) but whenever I start to think about great, I mean great fucking music I always go back to early Def Leppard.  I am talking about On Through The Night, High and Dry and even Pyromania.  What made them suck other than sticking with a drummer that they should have booted (and given a nice big check to)?  Why does Joe Elliot continue to want to be a Jon Bon Jovi-esque singer?

This band could have continued along the same path and had a career that would blow AC/DC out of the water….why oh why did you do this DL?

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3 Responses to On My Addled Mind

  1. Heeman says:

    1) Rick Allen with 2 arms is an incredible drummer for his time.
    2) Rick Allen with 1 arm is a prop backing up a drum machine.
    3) High ‘n’ Dry is one of the best examples of a band being kick ass.
    4) Don’t bitch about Def Leppard, at least they aren’t Queensryche.
    5) Methinks Mutt Lange had something to do with the transformation as well. But anyone that banged Shania Twain for years will not get any bad commentary from me.

    I’m Done.

  2. martineden says:

    Ok…all good points –

    1) Rick Allen was good but I will stop short of saying incredible.
    2) DL could have hired so many other great drummers when this happened.
    3) High ‘n’ Dry is brilliant. I love mirror mirror and that is a top 10 rock song for me.
    4) Def Leppard is worse than Queensryche! Here are the facts when it comes to decent albums –

    Queensryche – Queensryche EP, Rage For Order, Warning, Operation Mindcrime, Empire, Here and Now Frontier and they did put out a great live album that I will not count and I have heard Promised Land is not god-awful.

    Def Leppard – On Through The Night, High ‘n’ Dry, Pyromania….and that is it.

    Maybe you can include Hysteria if you are a candy ass but that is still only 4 at best and Ryche has 5 worst case.

    5) Mutt produced High ‘n’ Dry so he was with them when they were at the top as well. And yes, he did have sex with Shania but alas he blew it and that is some serious lost points.

  3. sheila says:

    oh man i was so into these guys when i was 15

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