Guangdong China Photos

I am trying to get a little more into photography as the weefe got me a lovely camera recently.  I need to get a few new lenses but I am enjoying the photo taking process but need to get a little more into the editing of them.  Here are 4 from a recent trip to China from a hot spring (more on that to come, trust me) to a temple with a few more to follow later this week –

Incense Burning, Guandong China


Buddhist Temple, Guandong China

Koi Fountain, Pattra Resort & Hot Springs

Flower, Pattra Resort & Hot Springs

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2 Responses to Guangdong China Photos

  1. Lindsay says:

    I love the incense one.

  2. martineden says:

    Thanks and me too. I am just getting used to doing some hyper color stuff and I either feel like I am pushing into tripping range with it or not enough. However, I kinda like my photos when they go through the Alice In Chains filter like that.

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