Really Him?

Clearly a Members Only knock-off. Guess what club he was trying to get into?

This is the guy that you believed?  You actually listened to an old man with 90210 sideburns on the radio about when the end of the world was coming.  You then donated money to good ole’ Harold?  And now you are pissed that the end of the world did not happen?

My brain is going to explode based on the extent of the stupidity in this whole situation.  From the Family Radio family to the moronic followers are you kidding me.  A couple rules to follow the next time anyone prophesies about the end of the world –

  1. Never listen to anything that is said on the radio.  Just listen to sports talk radio and you will know this is solid advice from the get go.  If someone is on the radio it is a good chance that they a)fell into it b) could not pick a major that actually had relevance or c) they are just a blow hard.
  2. Never listen to anyone with sideburns.  No reason these should not be trimmed unless you are currently filming an episode of Deadwood.
  3. Never listen to anyone who has “interpreted” the bible.  This is one book that should be read and not discussed.  Just read it yourself and get out of it what you may.  No one should tell you what to do with the stories in there.
  4. Never listen to a preacher from California.  Really anyone born in Boulder and living in Alameda should not be deciding the soup of the day at Denny’s let alone dissecting the bible.
  5. Never listen to anyone who would accept a single dime from you after they have told you that the world will end…for the life of me I cannot figure why you rapture folks want to leave money behind for the heathens.  Seriously, think about that.  You leave behind your god loving money for the wolves to use it up for one big blowout.  Your logic is as strong as Glenn Beck’s heterosexuality.
My best suggestion is just let the rapture come and surprise you when it is time.  Then you do not have to deal with all the hype or pre-party cleaning.  You can just enjoy your ascension the old fashion way….watching everyone else burn with a smug and christian look on your face.

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One Response to Really Him?

  1. Juli says:

    Amen brother! Just love the money thing….’the world is ending but send me a check’….where can I sign up to be on the receiving end?!

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