How the FUCK!

How does this fucking Casey Anthony get off? I realize a lack of DNA but clearly the surrounding evidence has to count for something other than lying. One word….Florida.

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2 Responses to How the FUCK!

  1. Be says:

    Come on now… it has nothing to do with the state. Not all the people that live her agree with that… fuck must of them do not. Implying the state of florida as a whloe are dumb heartless fucks is wrong on some many lvls.

  2. martineden says:

    You know I am not done with this topic as of yet. I have essentially re-considered my stance after taking a day or two to think about the verdict and the actual case vs the case in the media. I will get on that post later today.

    However, I do think Florida has a little of the LA issue in general that impacts its people. The lack of roots for most people and also the lack of historical roots. I think areas that are very transient have a very odd feeling to them as the people/area seems to lack a certain direction or vibe. That is a topic for another day though. Although I will say that I never implied stupidity or heartlessness.

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