Good Night Borders

As a avid book reader I am sad to see that Borders is officially closing their doors although I cannot admit shock.  The writing has been on the wall for years and even my frequent trips to Borders were to mainly hang out with the kids or just walking around the books in search of something off the radar.  I love being in the brick and mortar store but alas things change.

What I do find sad about this is how you dumb fucking Tea Baggers try to turn something like this into an Anti-Obama cause.  On message boards ranging from Yahoo to CNN you can see moronic comments saying thing like “Thanks Obama for another 11,000 jobs lost”.

Ah yes, Obama is at fault for the fact that a bookseller could not look into a crystal ball and see that actual hard copy book sales would drop.  Obama is clearly at fault for the eReader base getting bigger and more people purchasing books via Amazon.

Is this not exactly what should happen…the free market sorts it out.  Borders was poorly run at a corporate level (not the stores mind you as I like them to be honest) and no government is at fault for that.  Blame Obama all you like and while you are at it convince yourself that a non-reader like Bachman or YOUR previous candidate, John McCain would have saved Borders from that one little thing that Republicans hate…evolution.

Another day and more confirmation of the same…Borders will be missed, Tea Baggers are morons.


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4 Responses to Good Night Borders

  1. Heeman says:

    I would like to thank Obama for getting rid of 8 track tapes. No matter how many jobs it cost us, it was the right thing to do.

  2. martineden says:

    That was that pansy Jimmy Carter, another Democrat. Although Reagan fucked the betamax forever.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is why i dont read…nothing but heartbreak….

  4. martineden says:

    And the fact that you have trouble with books without pictures.

    Writers are the last great artists in my humble opinion. Musicians are often just contrived images back by labels. Movies are 50 DB’s in a room without any creativity for the most part and even the true independent ones have to cater to wherever the financial backing comes from.

    Writers still have to write, and if they copy someone else’s work they generally get nabbed in the end. Writers need to have a spark of creativity and you cannot fake that for 300-400 pages. And even if you are a hack writer, the dedication is something to recognize as well.

    Movies, music and even art will never have the same impact as the written word and regardless of technology this will remain the same.

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