Time To Get On The Stick

This summer has been frantic since the start and shows no signs of letting up.  Sad to say, but I am excited for fall and winter as I could use a break from some of the more mundane shit that has overtaken me this summer.  Maybe I can still make the best of it in August though.

One part of the summer that has really sucked for me is movies.  I love summer movies.  I love being in the cold air conditioning with my gigantic soda and bucket of popcorn regardless of what is on the screen in general.  Movies are strictly escapism to me and in the summer I need that.  However, the early portion of this summer has been crappy on two fronts…1.  The movies have generally sucked and 2. With the smallest minion approaching 2 quickly it is a little tougher getting a babysitter for all 3 so I have not seen much.

I am going to try to remedy this over the next few weeks and here is my ambitious plan –

  1. I already saw Horrible Bosses this past weekend with some friends.  Was planning to see Tree Of Life but the 45 seat theater was crammed and I was not doing the front row period.  I went into Horrible Bosses with mixed expectations.  I love Jason Bateman and Jason Sudekis from SNL is a scene stealer so that was the pluses.  The big negative…Jennifer Anniston.  Never has one actress taken so little talent and turned it into so many consecutive paydays for shitty work.  That being said, the movie worked and she did not kill it.  It was a funny movie with some great scenes turned in by Colin Farrell (welcome back) and Kevin Spacey.  Honestly the fact that it was a good movie WITH Ms. Aniston means it was probably a few notches above good as well.  Strong start to my overall plan.
  2. Tuesday night is the next target.  That shall be reserved for Harry Potter.  Mock me all you want but so far that series has been the best I have ever seen (Series consisting of 3 or more movies in the fantasy category, no Godfather comparisons).  Look I love Star Wars but their were 1.5 clunkers in that one.  Lord Of The Rings…1 good, 1 great and 1 horrible movie.  Matrix…1 good, 1 decent and 1 god-awful.  Superman…blow me.
  3. Thursday night will be saved for Captain America.  I cannot believe I skipped X-Men earlier this summer but the cast just does not do it for me and being a Marvel guy they need to get some type of timeline in place for X-Men if they want me to continue to watch.  I liked Thor and Ironman and this whole Avenger tie up seems like a good concept (Please note that for future X-Men movies and get Bryan Singer back involved)
  4. The weekend will be a break due to some travel but then next week I will get in my Cowboys vs. Aliens action.  I just get a good feeling on that one.  I think that is based on Daniel Craig but Olivia Wilde might be factoring in there as well.
  5. The rest of August I hope to get in 30 Minutes or Less (8/10) and I think I have several children’s movies on tap as well.
I need to get some summer movie fun squeezed into 2011 as fall is upon us.

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6 Responses to Time To Get On The Stick

  1. sheila says:

    since you’re a marvel guy, you need to get yourself into a williams-sonoma this weekend. just sayin’

  2. eric says:

    when are you seeing the Gleemovie…seems up your alley

  3. martineden says:

    I will try to get in a WS this week as I am ONLY a Marvel guy. I shall spend the rest of my lifetime convincing my daughters that Superman and Batman are frauds.

    I do not think Glee will be on my radar for quite some time Mr. Man.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Superman…blow me. That is best line in your blog.

  5. martineden says:

    Yeah, god bless Richard Pryor but come on.

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