Fall Reading

I guess I am having all my multimedia thoughts at the same time.  That being said Fall is a great time for new books always.  It just seems like all my favorite authors have new books coming out every fall (or every other) and works out for me to have a brilliant few months of travel.  The ones I am looking forward to –

  • Arabat: Absolute Midnight (#3) (Clive Barker) – If you think you know what Clive Barker writes about, you do not.  You think of Hellraiser and Stephen King like writings but that could not be further from the truth.  Check out Arabat 1 some time or Galilee and see how quickly you can be consumed by a beautifully dreamed up world.
  • The Ecstasy of Influence (Jonathan Lethem) – I consider Lethem and Chabon to be the best modern writers today.
  • Awesome Man (Michael Chabon) – I know it is a kids picture book but this guy could write on the side of a Wheaties box and it would interest me.
  • The Map of Time (Felix J. Palma) – I know nothing of this book or the writer but I have heard it is a can’t miss buy a few trusted sources and that alone makes it too tempting to leave alone.
  • Swamplandia (Karen Russell) – This is a book that came out last year I believe and I missed it.  Time to go back and get this one under my belt.
Now that I put it down I guess I do not have much new coming out in the fall but a few good ones to catch up on will help.  Good book suggestions always welcome.

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2 Responses to Fall Reading

  1. sheila says:

    Do you buy iBooks exclusively now? Or still invest in paper? And if so, where do you buy books? See where I’m going with this? So torn about bookstores closing right & left. They were always quite a bit more expensive, but that’s honestly the only way I ever found new stuff.

  2. martineden says:

    I used to just browse and browse book stores. Mainly Borders as B&N annoyed me due to their coffee shop. I loved looking through bookstores and just kind of going into them with an open mind and walking out with 5 new books.

    However, this changed about 3 years ago for me when I was in a independent bookstore in a local downtown and realized the whole new author section was filled with just simple Top 20 stuff. I feel like bookstores have turned into network TV, sure I can find the main stuff but most of the unique stuff is now replaced with reality tv-esque shit. Too many RIGHT/LEFT political books, cook books from TV folks and celebrity tomes.

    I realized that with 30-45 minutes I could hop online and let Amazon take me down the rabbit hole and I end up with some amazing shit. You can start with an author like Clive Barker and 15 Kevin Bacon’s later you end up with a Felix Gilman or Justin Cronin and it is a complete joy.

    i also like the freedom to travel with 20 books and not just 2 or 3. I can read what I want and if I burn through it and love the author I can turn around and buy 3 more of their books in 30 seconds. I fought the eReader for quite some time but now I am fully embraced in it. I guess I might continue to buy some books int he future but for now, i think I have moved on for the most part.

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