Talk About A Solid Reccomendation

Again, I am not a big TV guy.  I have my few shows that I really enjoy but that is it.  I like Castle alot but my last TV love was Deadwood and I miss it so.  I used to spend flight after flight re-watching Deadwood (Fight Club vs. Deadwood would end in a scorching tie) and my favorite thing was to watch an entire episode on one long flight to China and then the next season on the way back.

So recently a person with similar, if not slightly neurotic and nutty, tastes told me to check out Sons of Anarchy.  I thought about it and truthfully forget it.  That was until two weeks ago while sick as a dog 3 nights in a row in Washington DC.  I was hopped up on cold medicine like a meth head, from what I am told about that drug, and wanted to just watch something.  MOTHERFUCKER!  How in the hell did I miss 3 seasons of this shit.

I stayed up for 3 straight nights and watched all that Netflix had to give to me (Seasons 1 & 2) and was dying to get to Season 3 (not on Netflix).  I came how, told my wife about it and she agreed to watch Season 1, Episode 1 with me and boom I am again watching 26 episodes over about 1 week with her and she is making me look like the more sane addict with each passing moment.

I am not giving away shit about this show but I can say this is my favorite show in a long, long time even rivaling my initial Soprano’s love.  Season 4 is about to start and anyone out there who have not tried this show give it a shot on Netflix and see if it does it for you.  Killer, just fucking killer.


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  1. sheila says:

    Mmm hmm

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