Douchebag Of The Week

I literally could go Hellen Keller and throw darts at Tea Party members and I could never miss.

This week lets honor Joe Walsh, Congressman for the 8th District of Illinois.  He is a 1st term congressman and dedicated Tea Bagger.  If you go to his website the first thing you see is a video with the words….”Walsh To Obama…Quit Lying”.

Today it came out in multiple news sources (AP, Chicago Sun Times, etc.) that Mr. Financial Responsibility is being sued by his wife for over $100,000 in unpaid child support.  Also the story (Click Here) lists a bunch of other cooky stuff like his own financial IRRESPONSIBILITY including misleading folks about a foreclosure and his own spending issues.

Look, lots of dads have issues with child support and I am sure some of this is exaggerated as this is a lawsuit and that tends to happen.  I will give this guy a little pass on that.  However, even if you owe only half of that I know alot of fathers who would be legally FUCKED and not be on a soapbox preaching about financial responsibility and calling the President of the United States a LIAR!  You might want to get a few personal ducks paid off prior to spitting your own brand of tea bagging wisdom.

He also has taken to his FB page (Sure sign of a political moron) to say “The Chicago Sun Times published a hit piece on me. Please read my statement in response:  It is not lost on me that a court case filed almost 8 months ago regarding a marriage that ended more than 8 years ago would be brought up today. We are 72 hours away from one of the biggest decisions our country has to make about its financial future.”  So does this mean that you do not owe the money or that you do?  I followed the jump on your site and read the rest of your statement and all it says is that you do not want to discuss this, you love your kids and you have been trying to resolve this via the legal system since January.  January?  You suddenly owe $100,000+ like it came up out of the blue?

My guess is that this has been building for quite some time and you asked the ex to keep it quiet until after you were elected as you then would have a better chance to pay.  She agreed and low and behold she got fucked again.  Even your own lawyer said “Joe Walsh hasn’t been a big-time wage-earner politician until recently” which does not come off to everyday man-esque in my book.  He disputes that you owe even close to that amount.  So how much have you not paid?  If this is a left-biased media stunt set the record straight.

How about you stop lying for a minute and just say the truth.  For now the truth is this, Il. Congressman Joe Walsh, you are the Douchebag of the Week.

IL. Rep Joe Walsh...Phony. And that background too.

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2 Responses to Douchebag Of The Week

  1. sheila says:

    you need to be more on the stick with the DBOTW and turn it into a regular thing like the Ridiculist. you are always fun when ranting.

    ps i don’t know jack about this guy since he’s a minor player outside my state but, what a douchebag!

  2. martineden says:

    Yeah I know. I should call it douchebag of the every few weeks. My challenge is just staying away from the low hanging fruit or what I like to call “The Tea Party”. Every time those ass clowns open their mouth they make me question Darwin and evolution in general. I was toying with making it a set day of the week thing but we shall see.

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