Stupidity In Politics and Social Media

This is a topic worth a lot more of my attention.  It is amazing how social media is changing politics and politicians each and every day.  In a day and age where long format speech or written word is virtually useless the 10 word sound bite is getting more and more important.  However, it is really amazing how some of these folks sound so ridiculously stupid in less than 140 characters.

I hope to turn this into a nice little regular thing that you can then in turn laugh at and hopefully remember every other November.  Remember, friends don’t let friends tea bag each other –

Today’s initial gem will come from former Governor of Minnesota and Republican candidate Tim Pawlenty (Tweeted 8/5).  Tim really put some thought into this statement –

“I’m not going to just change Washington.  I’m going to defeat it.”

Oh, shit did we go to war again?  Oh, no he just means in theory I think, guess, hope?  Wait Tim, you know you cannot declare war on ourselves correct?  I know that coming from a state with a former professional wrestler as your predecessor might cloud your thoughts.


**Full Disclosure – This allows me to get out some Tea Bag/Republican anger and mock social media so I am enjoying this a little too much.**

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2 Responses to Stupidity In Politics and Social Media

  1. Heeman says:

    I am sure that there is “pawlenty” of further bullshit that this idiot’s twitter page will collect over the next year or so. The power of social media! All rejoice!

  2. martineden says:

    I’m going to jam a fork in your eye for that pun.

    As you know more tweets = higher intelligence. Also the more you tweet the better your chance to get gainful and meaningful employment.

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