Rise, Dark Temptations, Phoenix, Kilo, Instinct and Clix – Are these superheroes?

Last night I was in the washroom of my local AMC theater and besides trying to ignore the fact that I was in a public washroom I overheard two lovely gentleman washing their hands engaged int the following conversation –

  • “I fucking hate these auto sinks!” – Trucker Hat Man
  • “Me too” – Backward Hat Man
  • “And I fucking hate these out dryers too!” – Trucker Hat Man
  • “Yeah, and the paper towel machines are the worst!” – Backward Hat Man
Beside the fact that this is inane and an example of two guys making poor hat choices it also shows how we humans even gripe about shit making things easier, cleaner and simpler for us.  Again, this was not the most scintillating example of conversation I have ever heard in my life but it made me think about the fact that I too like to bitch about shit. Especially irrelevant shit.  Is this what we have become as a whole society?  We not only expect things fast and perfect but more importantly we expect it to meet our own unique standards no matter what.  Gone are the days where one size fits all and they are replaced with no sizes fit any.  Everything must be a one-off, clearly unique to us.
As I reflected on that I realized that yes I like to bitch but I am all for the simplification of the market.  I do not want custom shit and I do not want limitless choices.  I want less choices to be jammed down our throat rather than more.  I want to be bombarded by 2-4 products per market and thus simplify the decision.
Maybe it is just me, but I am tired of walking into the deodorant aisle at Target and spending 10 minutes trying to remember what I have at home or deciding if I want to smell like a complete douchebag ala AXE and choosing between Rise, Dark Temptations, Phoenix, Kilo, Instinct and Clix (What the hell kinda scents are these!).  It is time to get rid of the flaming Cheeto’s, Milky Way Dark and all 13 kind’s of Pringles.  No matter what we are going to gripe about it so just stick your one product out there and jam it down our gullets as long as you can.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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