Shopping List

New music has been few and far between for me the last several months but this week I have a few things to pick up including –

  • Lions – No Generation.  Just a killer album that I have been listening to online for weeks now.  Check out the link below for the track “Machine”.  The whole album is strong with a little Black Label Society and MC5 vibe to it.  Kinda what I hoped Wolfmother would become but have not.  These guys need some serious exposure as they could be kings.
  • Black Keys – I have liked these guys but just never gotten around to picking up some backlog stuff and that needs to be rectified.  The video link below for “Tighten Up” is fantastic.  Almost everything they put out is as well but I do happen to love the track “Keep Me”.  I keep thinking of my mid-late 90’s love of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion when I listen to these guys.
  • Watch The Throne (Jay Z + Kanye) is a must have.  It is strange to say this and I might get hung in my own house for saying this but can Hova keep up with Yeezy lyrically?  I do not think so personally but I like to see where Kanye can push things not only for himself but for Jay.


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2 Responses to Shopping List

  1. sheila says:

    You don’t think Lions sounds like wanna be cross between Alice in Chains and some 60’s throwbacks? Just sayin.

  2. martineden says:

    I get the 60’s vibe, hence the MC5 reference but not so much on Alice In Chains. AIC was so much denser and even slower tracks. I like the Lions but they are nowhere in the same league as AIC.

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